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the dictionary of norse mythology


ELIVAGAR The collective name for 11 ven-omous rivers that surged from the spring hvergelmir in the underworld, niflheim. The rivers had fearsome names that related to howling and boiling and storming Fimbulthul, Fjorm, Gjoll, Gunnthra, Hrid, Leipt, Slid, Syol, Sylg, Vid, and Ylg. The rivers froze and roared into ginnungagap, the abyss, as glaciers. The first giant, ymir, was formed from the frozen poi-son of the Elivagar see creation.In the story Thor's Duel with Hrungnir, thor tells of carrying aurvandil in a basket across the Eli-vagar. In the story Thor and Hymir Go Fishing, Thor and tyr journey to the east of the Elivagar in Thor's goat chariot.

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