the dictionary of norse mythology


EINHERJAR Lone Fighters The fallen human warriors chosen by odin to live and revel with him in valhalla until the end of time, known as rag-narok. These special warriors are described in many written sources from iceland. Older poems and stories describe them as special warriors of Odin who are served by the valkyries. In other works, including the prose edda written by snorri sturluson, the Einherjar are dead warriors who go to live in Valhalla with Odin. There they feast each day on the meat of the magical boar saehrimnir and practice their warfare in preparation for Rag-narok, the final conflict between the gods and the giants.Scholars suggest that the image of the Einherjar is based on a very ancient cult that worshiped Odin, the god of the dead and of battle. Many kings and princes of scandinavia were followers of this cult and dedicated themselves and the people they killed in battle to Odin.

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