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the dictionary of norse mythology


ALVIS All-Wise A dwarf, tricked by thor, who was turned to stone. Alvis had come to asgard to claim the bride perhaps thrud, daughter of the god thor whom the gods had promised him. Thor, knowing that Alvis, like many dwarfs, liked to show off his considerable knowledge, lured the dwarf into a lengthy question-and-answer game. Thor asked Alvis for alternative names for the 13 words that were most important in the lives of medieval Scandinavians. These names the dwarf gave according to the four main groups of beings that inhabited the worlds of Norse mythology. Alvis talked as the night wore on. At the end the Sun, which the dwarf had called dvalin's delight, came up and turned Alvis to stone, as was the fate of all dwarfs caught in the sunlight.

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