the dictionary of norse mythology


DWARFS The small, misshapen creatures made at the creation from the grubs in the giant ymir's dead body. They were given the realm of svartalfheim land of the dark elves in which to live. The gods put them in charge of Earth's underground treasures precious metals and gems. They were master crafts-men and fashioned many treasures for the gods see treasures of the dwarfs.snorri sturluson lists dozens of names of dwarfs, but few of them are ever heard of again in the surviving records of Norse myths. Among the more memorable ones are• alvis, who like many of the dwarfs had a vast store of knowledge and poetically listed the various names for the 13 most important words in medieval Scandinavian vocabulary• brokk and eitri, who fashioned various gifts for the gods• dvalin, one of the dwarfs who made the brisingamen coveted by the goddess freya and who was turned into stone at sunrise• andvari, the dwarf who was tricked by loki into giving up his gold hoard upon which he then placed a curse see Otr's Ransom, under otr • lit, the dwarf who was inadvertently cremated on balder's funeral pyre• nordi, sudri, austri, and vestri, the four dwarfs who were bidden to hold up the four corners of the sky

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