the dictionary of norse mythology


DENMARK A nation in northwestern Europe consisting of the Jutland peninsula and many nearby islands in the Baltic Sea. Denmark is part of scandi-navia and shares a common history with norway, sweden, and iceland. They are all home to norse mythology. The vikings are the ancestors of the peo-ple in these modern-day nations.According to a story by snorri sturluson, the goddess gefion plowed the island for Zealand Sjael-land in Danish from the mainland of Sweden, using the strength of her four sons, who were giant oxen. Important archaeological finds concerning Norse myths have come from this country Zealand, for example, has an important collection of rock carvings from the late Bronze Age, which began around 1000 b.c., that portray religious scenes. Two elaborately carved little wagons, which would have carried the gods, came from a site near Dejberg on the Jutland peninsula. Also a tree coffin, where the trunk was carved out to make room for the body, was found near Egtved. The National Museum of Denmark houses many Norse artifacts.

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