the dictionary of norse mythology


BROKK A dwarf. snorri sturluson tells the story of how the trickster god loki bet Brokk and his brother, eitri, that they could not make gifts for the gods as wonderful as those that other dwarfs had already made. Brokk accepted the bet and set out with his brother to make a boar with golden bristles, a gold ring, and thor's hammer. Brokk worked the bellows to blow air on the smith's fire, and Eitri crafted the objects. Loki, meanwhile, pestered Brokk. As Eitri worked on Thor's hammer, the last of the three objects, Loki turned himself into a fly and bit Brokk's eyelid, causing it to bleed into the dwarf's eye. As a result Brokk stopped working the bellows and the fire cooled. It was for this reason that Thor's famous hammer, mjollnir, had a short handle. Despite Loki's interference Brokk and Eitri won the bet. This story survives only in Snorri's work. See also treasures of the dwarfs.

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