the dictionary of norse mythology


YNGVI Another name, or perhaps title, for the god frey also possibly a little-known son of odin.This name is sometimes joined with Frey, as in Yngvi-Frey, in the poetry and legends of Norse mythol-ogy. snorri sturluson, the author of the prose edda, explained that Yngvi was a term of respect used to refer to this particular god.Yngvi, like ing, is used in norse poetry to refer to kings and dynasties. Scholars suggest that Yngvi might refer to the Swedes and Norwegians, who are often called Yngvi's people.In the introduction to the Prose Edda, Snorri pre-sents a version of history that says Odin was a power-ful leader from Asia who traveled north into scandinavia and made many of his sons rulers in the lands he conquered. Yngvi was the son who became king of sweden after Odin see saeming.

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