the dictionary of norse mythology


YMIR Confused Noise The first giant, or jotun. He was formed from ice and fire at the beginning of time in the vast chasm of ginnungagap, which lay between icy niflheim and fiery muspellheim. Ymir was nourished by the first cow, audhumla, and he grew to a huge size.As Ymir slept, male and female giants sprang from his armpits, and from his feet grew a sixheaded troll. From these creatures began the hrimthurssar, the race of frost giants, all huge and hideously ugly.After the first gods, odin, vili, and ve, were born from bor and bestla, the gods quarreled constantly with the giants and at last killed Ymir.From Ymir's body the gods created midgard, the Middle Earth. Ymir's blood formed the seas and all the lakes and rivers. His flesh became the hills and plains, his bones the mountains and his teeth the rocks. His hair formed trees and all vegetation.The gods placed Ymir's skull as a dome over the earth, and his brains they cast to the winds to become clouds.See also creation.

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