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the dictionary of norse mythology


WHETSTONE A stone used for sharpening tools. The stone is often quartz because of the hard-ness and sharpness of its broken grains. In Norse mythology whetstones were made from the pieces of the giant hrungnir's club, which shattered when it was hit by thor's hammer. In the story Thor's Duel with Hrungnir, some pieces of whetstone lodged in Thor's head, giving him a headache whenever whet-stones were carelessly moved or dropped near him. In the story of how the great god odin obtained the mead of poetry, Odin uses a whetstone to sharpen the workers' tools. The workers are so eager to have the whetstone that they kill each other with their sharpened weapons in a wild scramble.At the Sutton Hoo ship burial in England, an impressive whetstone, thought to be a scepter, was found in a seventh-century grave see ships and ship burials.

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