the dictionary of norse mythology


VIDAR Son of the god odin and the kindly giant-ess grid. His home was called vidi or Landvidi, a place of tall grasses, wildflowers, and growing saplings, a silent and peaceful place. Vidar, too, was known for his silence, but it was he who would avenge his father's death at ragnarok, the end of the world. On that day Vidar leaped from his horse and attacked the wolf fenrir, who had devoured Odin. Vidi placed one foot on the beast's lower jaw and pushed on the upper jaw with his hands until the monster was torn in two. Legend has it that Vidar wore a special shoe or boot that had been made from the scraps that cob-blers had saved over the years as they trimmed the leather they used for shoes. Another story says that Grid made the shoe for Vidar.Vidar was one of the few gods who survived Rag-narok and became one of the rulers of the new world.A famous stone at Gosforth Church, in Cumbria, England, shows Vidar fighting with Fenrir.

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