the dictionary of norse mythology


VALI 1These carvings from stones in Gotland, Sweden, show warriors raising their drinking horns left and the roasting of the boar in Valhalla. New York Public Library Picture CollectionSaehrimnir was killed, cooked, and eaten by the hun-gry heroes. Each morning the boar rose up again, ready to go through the whole ritual again. The heroes never went hungry or thirsty, despite their enormous appetites, and Odin looked on with approval.Odin bade the warriors put on the shining new armor and find the horses in the courtyard. They could fight all day to their hearts' content. If they were wounded, they would be healed. If they were killed, they would come back to life again, ready to enjoy another night of feasting.And so it was that Odin gradually built up a vast army, 800 strong, of the world's best warriors, who would march out of the 540 doors of Valhalla and valiantly fight beside Odin and the Aesir gods at Ragnarok.The son of loki and sigyn and the brother of narfi. In Loki's Punishment, after the gods capture Loki, they turn Vali into a wolf who tears out the entrails of Narfi. The gods use the entrails to bind Loki.

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