the dictionary of norse mythology


TYR TIW, TIV, ZIV A god of war and the sky god, the bravest of all the gods. He was concerned with justice and with fair treaties. It is thought that at one time Tyr was even more important than odin, and more ancient. By the time the Norse myths were writ-ten down, Tyr's importance had diminished, and not much is known about him. In some stories, Tyr is the son of the giant hymir in others he is the son of Odin.Of all the gods, Tyr was the only one brave enough to feed Fenrir, the monster wolf. AnthonyMercatante Tyr was the only god brave enough and fairminded enough to put his hand into the jaws of the terrible wolf fenrir. When the other gods broke their word to Fenrir and tied him up, Fenrir bit off Tyr's hand. That is why Tyr is always depicted as the one-handed god. At ragnarok, the end of the world, Tyr and garm, Hel's hound, killed each other.Tuesday in Old English Tiwesdaeg was named after Tyr.

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