the dictionary of norse mythology


BIFROST Trembling Path The flaming, three-strand bridge between asgard and midgard, also called the rainbow bridge. Humans see the bridge as a rainbow spanning the distance between heaven and Earth.The aesir gods skillfully built Bifrost out of fire, air, and water, the three materials that can be seen as the colors of the rainbow red fire, blue air, and green water. Though it looked fragile, Bifrost was immensely strong.The gods appointed heimdall to be the watch-man of the bridge, for his senses were keen and he had a marvelous horn, gialar, whose blast would ring throughout nine worlds if the hrimthurssar set foot on Bifrost.The Aesir gods crossed Bifrost regularly to go to council meetings at urdarbrunn, a sacred place. Only thor, the thunder god, could not walk or ride across Bifrost, lest the heat of his lightning harmed the bridge.At ragnarok, the end of the world, Bifrost would shatter under the terrible weight of the mus-pell and frost giants who came to fight the gods on vigrid, the vast battlefield.

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