the dictionary of norse mythology


SWEDEN A nation in northern Europe forming the eastern half of the Scandinavian peninsula. Swe-den is part of scandinavia, which includes norway, making up the western part of the peninsula, den-mark, iceland, and the Faeroe Islands. Together these nations form the home of the norse culture and its mythology. Archaeological finds and a significant number of Norse artifacts from Sweden have helped scholars piece together the stories of the gods and goddesses of the northlands. Huge burial mounds of ancient kings of Sweden—three located in Old Uppsala, about 50 miles north of Stockholm—have provided scientists with significant information about the Nordic people and their religious beliefs. Even farm fields in Sweden have been rich sources of information. Amulets, brooches, and stone carvings have been plowed up, uncovered, and preserved to provide information and greater understanding of the age of Norse mythology.One of the richest sites of archaeological information is the Swedish island of gotland, which lies in the Baltic Sea near the southern end of the penin-sula. Here outlines of ships made with huge rocks still dot the landscape, and some of the most prominent rock carvings of ancient Scandinavia stand as reminders of this earlier age.

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