the dictionary of norse mythology


SVIPDAG Swift Day The human son of the seeress groa and the hero of svipdagsmal Ballad of Svipdag in the poetic edda. Svipdag goes to nifl-heim to seek the advice of Groa. He summoned her from the grave to ask her the best way to woo and win menglod, the fair maiden he loves. Groa chants him a series of charms that will protect him in his travels. Svipdag sets off to seek Menglod. In jotun-heim he finds a massive gate guarded by the giant fjolsvid. After a series of questions and answers in which Svipdag learns about the gods and giants and their worlds, the giant finally lets Svipdag enter the gates, where he finds the beautiful Menglod waiting for him with open arms.

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