the dictionary of norse mythology


SUN The Sun is mentioned frequently in Norse mythology, but only in one poem in the poetic edda and in snorri sturluson's prose edda is it given the names sol. Only Snorri tells the story of Sol's life, and in that story, she is a servant of the Sun.The Sun disk, however, was a popular image in rock carvings and on brooches and ornaments from the Norse age. The disk was also carved into memo-rial stones. The Sun is also often represented as a wheel, both in objects made during the Norse age and in the surviving poetry from that time. The Sun is referred to as the wheel of heaven.frey appears to be the god most closely con-nected to the Sun. Scholars often see his courtship of and marriage to the giantess gerda as a legend of the Sun pursuing the frozen Earth see creation.

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