the dictionary of norse mythology


SKALD SCALD In Old norse, a poet. In the study of Norse mythology, the term refers to a special-ist among poets who served in the courts of kings, powerful rulers, and chieftains. These poets often wrote about the great deeds of their leaders and of the gifts the leaders gave them. Skalds used complex, elaborate patterns and kennings to create a distinct form known today as skaldic poetry.The oldest of the known skalds, Bragi Boddason inn gamli Bragi Boddason the Old, lived in the ninth century a.d. Scholars believe he was the court poet of the Swedish king Bjorn. His poem Ragnars-drapa describes scenes from mythology as portrayed on a shield, including thor fishing for jormungand, the Midgard Serpent gefion plowing away part of sweden and the story of Hild encouraging her father Hogni and Hedin, her abductor, to fight, as told in the hjadningavig.

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