the dictionary of norse mythology


SKALD Skade chose her husband by pointing to the feet that she liked best. Anthony Mercatantebeautiful than the rest. They must belong to the beautiful god balder, she thought. She announced her choice.Out stepped niord, the vanir god, lord of the seas and of seafarers, and the father of frey and freya. Skade was disappointed. Bitterly, she asked the gods to make her laugh.loki, the trickster god who had been partially responsible for Thiazzi's death, had set his quick mind to work as soon as he had heard Skade's requests. Now he led forward one of thor's rambunctious billy goats, and the two played such lively and hilarious antics that Skade and all the gods laughed until their sides ached.As a wedding present for Skade, odin took Thi-azzi's eyes from his pouch and hurled them into the heavens, where they shone brightly as twin stars.Niord took his new wife to his home, noatun, by the seashore. Skade did not like the sunshine, the sea, the sound of the waves, or the cry of the gulls. Niord then went with Skade to Thrymheim, her sun-less, freezing mountain home, but Niord did not like the howling of the wolves, the wind, the bare moun-tains, or the terrible cold.The two tried to divide their time between the two homes nine days in Niord's Noatun and nine in Skade's Thrymheim. But Skade spent more and more time in the cold mountains, a dark shape speeding over the snow in her snowshoes, bringing death to wolves and bears from her quiver full of arrows. She is the goddess of skiers and hunters. ull, son of sif and stepson of Thor, is also the god of winter and of skiers and hunters, but, as far as we know, Skade and Ull were not related.

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