the dictionary of norse mythology


SKADE SKADI Destruction Daughter of the hrimthurssar frost giant thiazzi and wife of niord, the vanir god of the seas and of sailors and fishermen. Skade was the goddess of winter, skiers, and hunters. After her father's death she went to asgard, the home of the gods, to choose a husband from among them. She and Niord found that they could not live happily together, for Skade did not like Niord's seashore home, noatun, and Niord did not like the bleak cold of thrymheim, Skade's home.In the story Loki's Punishment see under loki, Skade placed a venomous serpent over the head of the trickster god. She is the personification of the cold-hearted northern winter that can be touched only briefly by the warmth of the summer sun Niord and the cheerful hearth fire Loki.Skade and Niord In snorri sturluson's prose edda, the story of the marriage between Skade, goddess of winter, and Niord, the god associated with the seas and seafarers, immediately follows Idunn's Apples see under idunn, in which Thi-azzi, Skade's father, is killed by the gods after stealing the apples. At the news of his death, Skade was full of rage. She put on her shining armor and her weapons and strode across bifrost to asgard, the home of the aesir.The gods were at peace, glad to feel young again now that Idunn was back with her magic apples of youth. They asked Skade if she would take gold in payment for her father's death, for such was the cus-tom of the Norse.Skade scornfully replied that she had all the gold she needed. When olvaldi had died, he had left much gold to his sons, Thiazzi, gang, and idi, and now she had all of Thiazzi's share. Instead, she demanded a hus-band from among the gods.The gods conferred and agreed it would be wise to let the icy giantess have her way. There was one condition Skade must choose her husband by the look of his feet, not by his face.Skade agreed, but she, too, had a condition. The gods must make her laugh, for she was full of rage and her heart was cold.The strange bargain was struck, and the gods stood barefoot behind a curtain that hid all but their feet. One pair of feet at once struck Skade as more

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