the dictionary of norse mythology


SAEMING A son of the great Norse god odin, perhaps invented by the 13th-century Icelandic his-torian snorri sturluson or by rulers of ancient norway.According to Snorri in the introduction to three of his great works, Odin was a powerful leader from central Asia who traveled north through Europe to sweden, establishing two of his sons as rulers of kingdoms along the way. Near the end of his jour-ney, Odin traveled north to the coast. There he made his son Saeming king. This interpretation of myths as the stories of real humans is known as euhemerism.Many historical rulers of Norway traced their ancestry to Saeming, and he became a father figure, a great ancestor, to the powerful families in that region. Scholars believe the rulers of the lands in scandi-navia may have created the stories of Saeming and his brothers to connect their histories to the legends of the gods.In another part of his prose edda, Snorri also wrote that skade, daughter of the frost giant thiazzi, was Saeming's mother.

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