the dictionary of norse mythology


RIGSTHULA An ancient poem found in the poetic edda that tells the story of the beginnings of humankind and of the classes within society.The importance of this poem in understanding Norse mythology is heavily debated among scholars and experts. The introduction to the 14th-century manuscript in which this poem was found says that rig, the main character, is actually the god heimdall, who watched over the land of the gods however, nowhere in the poem itself is Rig identified with Heimdall, and many scholars question why others say Rig is Heimdall. Modern experts also suggest that the poem is older than its introduction and that the editor of the manuscript chose to give Heimdall credit for being Rig. In the manuscript in which it was found, the end of the Rigsthula is missing.Experts are unsure of the age of the poem. Some say it was written as early as the ninth century a.d., others as late as the 13th century.

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