the dictionary of norse mythology


NIORD NJORD The Norse god of the sea and seafarers, and also a fertility god. Niord was a vanir god. He went to live in asgard after the war between the aesir and the vanir. He took with him his twin children, frey and freya, both fertility gods. In some tellings Niord's first wife, and the mother of the twins, was nerthus, his sister. As the aesir did not approve of marriage between brother and sister, Niord had to leave Nerthus behind. According to snorri sturluson, Niord's second wife was skade, goddess and giantess of winter. Niord's home was noatun, a bustling shipyard, noisy with the sound of the wind and the sea and the seabirds. Skade and Niord could not live happily together, for Skade hated the cheerful shipyard, while Niord felt unhappy at Skade's grim, cold mountain home. After spending nine nights together in each other's lands, the two decided to live apart.

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