the dictionary of norse mythology


NINE WORLDS In Norse mythology the Nine Worlds were broken into three levels.• At the top level were asgard, the home of the aesir vanaheim, the home of the vanir and Alfheim, the home of the light elves.• At the middle level, and connected to Asgard by bifrost, the rainbow bridge, were midgard Middle Earth, the home of humans jotunheim, the home of the jotuns, or giants and svartalfheim, the home of the dark elves.• In the underworld were niflheim, world of the dead, cold, and misty, whose citadel was Hel, home of hel, queen of the dead and muspellheim, world of fire, presided over by the fire god, surt. In some tellings of the myths there was also nidavellir at the middle level it was cited as the home of the dwarfs and may have been part of Svartalfheim.The World Tree, yggdrasil, connected all Nine Worlds.From his high seat, hlidskialf, the great god odin could see what was happening in all Nine Worlds with the help of his ravens hugin and munin. See also raven.

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