the dictionary of norse mythology


NIFLHEIM World of Fog A vast waste of frozen fog, brutal cold, and endless night. Niflheim was the lowest region of the underworld. From its poi-sonous fountain, hvergelmir, flowed 11 ice-cold rivers, the elivagir. The rivers poured into the huge chasm, ginungagap, and froze. Fiery clouds from muspellheim melted the ice and turned it into mist. From the whirling mist and fire came the first giant, ymir see creation.The goddess hel ruled over this land of the dead. Niflheim was the home of the dragon nithog and other serpents. They nibbled on one of the roots of the World Tree, yggdrasil, that reached into the underworld.After midgard Middle Earth was created, the gods pushed Niflheim deep into the ground so that its terrible cold would not freeze the Earth.

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