the dictionary of norse mythology


MUSPELL A group of people or creatures from the fiery lands of muspellheim who would ride their horses against the gods at ragnarok, the battle at the end of time. snorri sturluson tells of the sons of Muspell and the people of Mus-pell in the prose edda. He also says that naglfar is Muspell's ship.The fact that the name Muspell is also used to refer to the same groups in some works of the poetic edda suggests to modern experts that Muspell was an important figure in ancient Norse myths. Some say Muspell was apparently a giant that ruled over a vast world of evil creatures. He may have ruled a land of heat and flame and thrown fire as his weapon in bat-tle. Surviving stories do not contain enough information to answer these questions.Muspell's sons are many—enough to form a vast army or a horde of warriors at the end battle between the gods and giants. They fight with the weapons of the land in which they lived fire, light, and heat. In the early 20th century, scholars believed Mus-pell referred to a place, and that that place was named after this very old mythical giant.

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