the dictionary of norse mythology


MANI The man who drove the chariot that car-ried the Moon across the sky. He is the son of mundilfari and the brother of sol. For company, Mani stole two children from midgard Middle Earth. Their names were bil and yuki Waning and Waxing. Some say that on a clear night the children in the Moon can be seen as dark shapes on the Moon's face, as they eternally carry a pail of water on a pole see Sun and Moon, under creation. At ragnarok, the wolf hati, which pursues the char-iot across the skies, will devour the Moon.the first ancestor of the Norse gods, buri. Mannus, however, is said to be human, while Buri's exact nature is unclear in the surviving Norse sources.Mannus was the father of three human sons, who in turn were the fathers of the three Germanic tribes, the Ingvaeones see ing, the Herminones, and the Istvaeones or Iscaevones or Istraeones, all of which became important in the stories of Norse mythology. Some scholars suggest that these sons were godlike heroes rather than humans.

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