the dictionary of norse mythology


LODDFAFNIR A man from midgard Middle Earth, that is, a human. In the Lay of Loddfafnir, part of the poem havamal from the poetic edda, Loddfafnir tells his fellow men many words of wis-dom. He had somehow found his way to the urdarbrunn, a sacred place, where he heard the words of the High One odin. Loddfafnir recounted these words to fellow mortals. The words contained much good advice. For example, beware of a witch's sweet words, always carry food if you have to cross a mountain, cherish your friends and be loyal to them, stay away from evil people, doing good deeds will make you feel happy, hold to your promises, and respect the wisdom of the elderly. There were also words full of ancient superstitions, such as those for warding off the curses made by witches.

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