the dictionary of norse mythology


KVASIR Spittle A wise man who was created from the spit of the aesir and the vanir gods after their battle see war between the aesir and the vanir. Kvasir walked the world spreading his great wisdom to any who asked for it. He was slain by two dwarfs, fjalar 2 and galar, who mixed his blood with honey to make a powerful mead that inspired any who drank it to talk with wisdom and poetry see The Mead of Poetry, under odin.In another story Kvasir was a Vanir god noted for his great wisdom. He went to live in asgard after the war between the gods, along with the Vanir niord, frey, and freya.The word kvas or quaso means strong beer in many parts of eastern Europe and Russia, and crushed fruit in Danish. In British English a similar word, squash, denotes a fruit drink.

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