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the dictionary of norse mythology


ING In Norse mythology Ing was a name associated with the god frey, who was a god of the vanir until he was sent to asgard as part of the exchange that ended the war between the aesir and the vanir. Ing was a term of respect that pre-ceded Frey's name, as in Ingunar Frey, which is found in the surviving norse literature. Ing is also a hero of an Old English rune poem and the name of the Norse rune that represented the ng sound see yngvi. The word is a common element in many place-names in scandinavia. Scholars suggest that Ing was a Germanic god or hero. One old tale tells of the wagon of Ing traveling eastward over the ocean waves. Some suggest that the wagon carried the Sun through the underworld dur-ing the night hours to return it to the east, where it would rise the next morning. Other scholars suggest that Ing was a son of man-nus, who was the first human in Old German mythology, a source of Norse mythology. Ing may have been a name of the Germanic people known as the Ingvaeones or Ingaevones.

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