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the dictionary of norse mythology


ASYNJUR ASYNJER The aesir goddesses, the female form of the word Aesir. The most prominent Asynjur was frigg, wife of odin, who was goddess of love, marriage, and motherhood. The 13th-century chronicler of norse myths snorri sturluson named 20 Asynjur in two separate lists. They are Bil, eir, freya, Frigg, fulla, gefion, gerda, gna, hlin, iddun, lofn, nanna, saga 2, sigyn, sjofn, sno-tra, sol, syn, var, and vor. Many of these goddesses are considered by scholars to be handmaidens of Frigg. Snorri does not include among the Asynjur the more dominant goddesses, sif, wife of thor, or skade, wife of niord.

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