the dictionary of norse mythology


HEIMDALL watchman of the gods. Heim-dall was mysteriously born of nine mothers and the god odin. Heimdall was tall and handsome, with a dazzling smile. He was sometimes called the god of light, the shining god, or the white god. Heimdall had a wonderful horn called gialar, whose blast could be heard all over the nine worlds, and that Heimdall blew at ragnarok, the end of the world. His horse was gulltop Golden Tuft, and his sword was hofund. He lived in a fortresslike hall called himinbjorg Cliffs of Heaven. Heimdall had amazing abilities. His eyesight was so sharp that he could see for 100 miles all around him. Some said he could see even farther or that he had second sight that allowed him to see into the future. It is certain that he saw all the comings and goings of those who crossed bifrost, the rainbow

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