the dictionary of norse mythology


GYLFAGINNING The Deceiving, or Beguiling, of Gylfi One of four main parts of the prose edda written by the 13th-century Icelandic histo-rian, scholar, and chief snorri sturluson. Some scholars argue that Gylfaginning is Snorri's most important work. The main character, gylfi, a king of sweden, disguises himself as an old wayfarer when he comes across a magnificent hall. In the hall sit three beings on high chairs. A servant invites Gylfi to stay and talk with the three beings. He sits and begins asking questions of the beings, who, Snorri tells the readers, are actually gods calling themselves High One, Just-As-High, and Third. Snorri uses the question-and-answer session to teach his readers about the beginnings of all existence, the gods and goddesses, and the end of time. Snorri draws heavily on the works in the older poetic edda, most notably the voluspa or The Sibyls Vision, as Snorri calls it and grimnismal Lay of Grimnir, to present this account of many Norse myths.

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