the dictionary of norse mythology


GUNLOD outer gate, through which 800 warriors could march, side by side. The song continues about Valhalla and then names all the rivers of the hvergelmir. The song explains how the gods gallop over bifrost, the rainbow bridge, to meet the council at the well urdarbrunn. It also tells of the World Tree, yggdrasil, and of those who prey upon it. It men-tions the names of the valkyries who wait upon the dead heroes of Valhalla. Other features of the song include the names of the horses that draw the chariots of the Sun and Moon, the terrible wolves that chased the chariots, the giant ymir and how his flesh and bones and hair created Earth see creation, and treasures of the dwarfs. And finally the captive Grimnir tells of the many names of Odin. It is then that Geirrod real-izes that his prisoner is the great god Odin himself. Geirrod rises up to release his prisoner but falls upon his own sword and kills himself. Grimnismal was a mnemonic poem a sort of memory bank for storytellers, poets, and minstrels who passed on information about myths, legends, and folktales to people from one generation to another, and in different communities all over scandinavia. Much of the information in Grimnismal is not found elsewhere. Grimnismal is part of the poetic edda and is quoted by snorri sturluson.

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