the dictionary of norse mythology


GIANT MASTER BUILDER The giant who tricked the gods into hiring him to build a new wall around asgard, intended to protect the gods from the giants. The old wall had been destroyed in the war with the vanir. This unnamed giant took the form of an ordinary builder and traveled to Asgard, his great stallion pulling a wagon. He told the gods he could complete the job for them in three years if they paid him by giving him the sun and moon and the fertility goddess, freya. Mischief maker loki persuaded the gods to accept the offer under the condition that the builder complete the task in less than half a year. The giant accepted the new terms. Once the builder started working, the gods discovered that he was a giant, aided by a giant stal-lion. They grew dismayed and fearful that they might indeed lose their goddess and the Sun and Moon in a very bad arrangement. Three days before the wall was completed, Loki, the shape-shifter, turned himself into a mare and lured the stallion away from the construction site, thereby spoiling the giant's plan.

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