the dictionary of norse mythology


GEIRROD 2 Son of King hrauding and brother of agnar. Geirrod betrayed his brother and took his throne. Later he killed himself by falling upon his own sword, as odin, his benefactor, had prophesied in grimnismal Lay of Grimnir. Geirrod and Agnar The two brothers, Geirrod and Agnar were the sons of King Hrauding of the Goths. When the children were eight and 10 years old, respectively, their little fishing boat was wrecked in a storm. The boys landed on an island and were taken care of by an old couple who were Odin and frigg in disguise. Frigg took special care of Agnar and Odin took care of Geirrod, giving them many words of advise before sending them back to their own land. As their boat approached shore, Geirrod leaped out, taking the oars with him, and shoved the boat back out to sea. Geirrod was welcomed home, and because his father had died, he became king in place of Agnar, who was presumed dead. Many years went by before Odin and Frigg thought about the two boys they had rescued from the sea. Then Odin boasted that his foster son, Geir-rod, was king of a great country, while Frigg's Agnar was a nobody who lived in a cave. Frigg retorted that Geirrod was mean and treacherous. When Odin decided to go to midgard to test Geirrod, Frigg sent her maidservant, fulla, to warn Geirrod that he was not to trust the visitor who was coming to him, wear-ing a sky-blue cape. Geirrod heeded the warning. Odin arrived wear-ing a sky-blue cape. He called himself grimnir, but more than that he would not say. In a fit of rage at what he considered insolence, Geirrod had Grimnir slung between two fires. There he stayed for eight days and nights, without food or drink. Then Agnar, the son of Geirrod, named after his lost uncle, took pity on Odin-Grimnir and quenched his thirst with ale. Grimnir began to chant a song that was known as Grimnismal The Lay of Grimnir. The song contained a great deal of knowledge about asgard, the home of the gods, and about the gods themselves and their possessions, especially about Odin and his many names. When Geirrod finally realized that his captive was Odin, he leapt up to release him, but he fell on his own sword and killed himself. Then Odin disap-peared, and Geirrod's son, Agnar, became king and ruled for many peaceable years.

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