the dictionary of norse mythology


FRIGG FRIGGA, FRIJA The chief aesir goddess wife of odin daughter of fjorgyn 1, the earth goddess. Frigg herself is called earth mother. She is associated with love, marriage, and motherhood. Frigg is frequently pictured as being very beautiful, wearing a girdle hung with household keys and weav-ing clouds on her spinning wheel. Eleven handmaid-ens attended her in her hall, fensalir. Frigg was the mother of balder, and according to some sources, she was also the mother of thor, the thunder god, and of hodur, the blind god who unwittingly slew Balder. Because of the fragmentary nature of the Norse eddas and sagas, there are conflicting views of Frigg. Besides her portrayal as a devoted wife and mother, Frigg also appears as a sorceress who wears a falcon skin and sees into the future, and as a wanton woman who covets gold and jewelry and the love of men. She and the goddess freya have a lot in com-mon. Some believe that they are various facets of the same deity.Frigg, attended by her handmaidens, spun clouds on her spindle. Anthony Mercatante

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