the dictionary of norse mythology


FYLGIE up a terrible war between two powerful chieftains on Earth. He demanded that there should be killing and bloodshed. Afterward Freya should bring the slain heroes back to life. Freya willingly agreed to the terms, for like Odin, she had the gift of sorcery and a lust for battle and heroes. Then Odin sent for heimdall, the watchman of the gods, and told him to go after Loki and bring back Freya's trinket. Loki turned himself into a seal and swam to a rock near singastein, but a moment later Heimdall, too, had become a seal. The two fought a fierce bat-tle. In the end Heimdall, with the necklace in his hand, led the dripping Loki out of the water and back to Odin.The story of the Brisingamen is from the 10th-century skaldic poem Husdrapa and the 15th-century Flateyjarbok Book of the Flat Island.

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