the dictionary of norse mythology


AEGIR The jotun lord of the sea. He was mar-ried to his sister, ran, and was the father of nine daughters, the waves, who were said to be the moth-ers of the god heimdall. Some stories say that Aegir was the brother of loki and Kari Air. He belonged to a primeval order of gods, predating the aesir, the vanir, and the giants, dwarfs, and elves. Aegir is usually pictured as an old man with long white hair and clawlike hands. His dwelling is on the island of hlesey, in coral caves beneath the land. His servants are eldir and fimafeng.In Anglo-Saxon mythology Aegir was called Eagor. Whenever an unusually large wave approached men at sea, they cried, Look out, Eagor is coming! Supposedly, in ancient Saxon times one of every 10 prisoners was sacrificed to Eagor to ensure that the raiders would return safely home.See also Loki's Mocking, under loki, which takes place at a banquet in Aegir's hall Otr's Ran-som, under otr, in which Loki borrows Ran's fishing net and Thor and Hymir Go Fishing, under thor, in which Thor and tyr bring back a cauldron that Aegir uses to brew ale for the feasting of the gods.

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